It is such a privilege to work at Tapestry Opera and take on the challenge of exploring what opera can mean to the 21st century. For most of my life, opera was a rare, old, and untouchable art form, filled with mystery and virtuosity. You did not need to understand it to appreciate it, and it would improve with time. No more!

For us at Tapestry, opera is an opportunity to explore music and stories for today, striking at the heart of the here and now. This weird and wonderful art form is unique in how it can sing to the heart of the human experience in innumerable and exciting ways relevant to our contemporary world, and that is what we are keen to cultivate.

In this our 38th season, Tapestry continues to break the rules. Tapestry is bringing works to the Toronto stage that examine “true morality” against the vacuum of social custom, power and politics, and the trappings of prestige, weaving this season’s ongoing theme of ‘Morals and Mores’

Through music that strikes to the heart, biting satire and transcendent imagination, the season explores appearance and substance; the danger and lure of ‘the forbidden’; and bold experiments into heightened physicality, Persian classical music and hip-hop, this new energy that artists are bringing to opera in Toronto is inspiring a trailblazing evolution for the genre that reflects the incredible vitality and diversity of this city.

This is a season of truly Canadian opera!”

Michael Hidetoshi Mori, Artistic Director 

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