Digital Commissions

New works commissioned for digital platforms


The greatest art is built specifically for its medium and our Digital Commissions invest in opera specifically designed for digital platforms. What kind of work would we create if we accepted that the creators may never meet? If the singers’ distance was part of the opportunity, not an obstacle to be overcome? What kind of opera would emerge from infinite but intangible connection?

Released regularly throughout the 20-21 Season, Digital Commissions will include new national and international collaborations and an opportunity to redefine what opera can be. Explore the big questions  of our time through new commissions and collaborations with creators, companies, and artists making innovative new art. Collaborators can take unlikely forms and can come from anywhere – from local favourites and Tapestry stalwarts to brand new relationships and far-flung cities. 

There’s no telling what magic can arise out of such vast possibility. Subscribe to our newsletter or social media to receive each new release! Watch this space as the journey unfolds.