Rocking Horse Winner

Broadcast premiere 2020-2021

Libretto by Anna Chatterton | Music by Gareth Williams | Direction by Michael Hidetoshi Mori | Music Direction by Kamna Gupta | Set Design by Camellia Koo | Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay | Costume Design by Ming Wong

Broadcast premiere coming in 2020-2021

In response to COVID-19, the live performances of Rocking Horse Winner have been cancelled, a sad but necessary measure to keep our artist and audience communities safe. We believe deeply in the long life of this production, and look forward to new opportunities to revisit Rocking Horse Winner in future seasons. 

While Rocking Horse Winner  will not have a live performance, we have committed to honouring the full amount of every artist’s contract, and long-distance rehearsals have begun. We may not know quite what will manifest, but we know that there is a truly incredible group of performers gathering around their laptops to make music, and that some beautiful and prescient art will come out of that. Stay tuned! 

While we’re so disappointed not to bring this stirring, evocative piece back to vivid life, we know that this is not the end of this show or of the incredible cast of Rocking Horse Winner

About Rocking Horse Winner

“There was a woman who was beautiful, who started with all the advantages, yet she had no luck. She married for love, and the love turned to dust…Only she herself knew that at the centre of her heart was a hard little place that could not feel love, no, not for anybody.”

D.H. Lawrence

Tapestry Opera’s award-winning original cast and production of Rocking Horse Winner explores the relationship between Paul, a young man with developmental challenges, and Ava, his emotionally distant mother. Abandoned by her husband, Ava is locked in a spiral of depression and material longing that leaves her in a constant state of regret and despair. Paul becomes obsessed with fixing the family’s financial “bad luck” in order to pull his mother out of her anguish and prove his worthiness .His obsession creates a strange magic that both connects him to luck and fortune and makes him vulnerable to powerful voices only he can hear.

Stage Door writes, “The admirable succinctness of Chatterton’s libretto combined with the variety and allure of Williams’ music makes this a work that deserves to find the widest success.” The Globe and Mail attests, “Gareth Williams’s score is so evocative and beautiful, tender when need be, raucous at other times, using a modern language that is never jarring or dissonant. Same for Chatterton’s libretto – spare and economical, but with enough theatricality for its audience to hang onto.” 

An intimate, psychologically insightful look at love, luck, and greed, Rocking Horse Winner received 5 Dora Mavor Moore Awards including Outstanding Male Performance by Asitha Tennekoon, Outstanding Direction by Michael Mori, Outstanding Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay, Outstanding Ensemble, and Outstanding Production for its 2016 World Premiere production.


  • Anna Chatterton: Libretto
  • Gareth Williams: Music


Creative Team

  • Camellia Koo: Set Design
  • Michelle Ramsay: Lighting Design
  • Ming Wong: Costume Design