Performance and artistic creation as self-expression

Tapestry Opera’s Youth Inside Opera Program gives youth and children from Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas a full scholarship to train and mentor with classical opera and other performing arts professionals to learn musical storytelling and engage in the creation and performance of their own opera.

Participants join Tapestry’s faculty of composers, playwrights, and artists, including specialists in dance, spoken word, rap, and graffiti arts to create story and music that is their own. The youth are coached in singing, drama, and music and given opportunities to not only perform their opera, but also to be the driving creative force behind the stories, music, and scenic design that they perform. The program ends with a performance for family and friends.

Tapestry values art as one of the greatest forms of self-expression and stands behind Youth Inside Opera as a program that empowers youth in Toronto to express themselves and find their voice. Youth Inside Opera closely parallels Tapestry’s professional new work development and allows us to bring in award-winning playwrights and composers from our professional endeavours to mentor and collaborate with Youth Inside Opera participants. We believe that opera is uniquely able to communicate raw emotion, and we are committed to creating opportunities for youth to collaborate directly with the best possible professional artists.