Libretto by Julie Tepperman, Music by Chris Thornborrow

Cindy and Mindy have been BFFs (Best Friends Forever) since grade 3. Now in grade 11, they must navigate the increasingly complex maze that is high school in the social media age. When Cindy sees a complimentary post from new-girl “Ho-bag Heather” to Mindy’s boyfriend Ty, Cindy decides to stir things up provoking a fight between Mindy and Ty. She convinces Mindy to make Ty prove that he’s faithful by challenging him to take embarrassing, compromising photos of Heather that they can then post on-line. The set-up is made, the photos go viral, and the next morning Heather receives 76 messages from people calling her a “slut” — and much worse. Cindy and Mindy find themselves swept up in a school-wide social media response that spirals out of control.

This media-rich production is not a simple “mean bully” vs. “sad victim” story. A piercing look at today’s teen culture, Selfie explores the complex relationships between victims, perpetrators, and bystanders – real and online – and the catalytic effects technology can have on them. “It was just a joke, right?”

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