• Shelter

    Shelter explores the birth of the atomic age and its explosive consequences as a physicist and pilot visit one perfectly "stable" nuclear family. Juliet Palmer, composer / Julie Salverson, librettist Toronto Premiere June 12-15 2014 at the Berkeley Street Theatre
    June 12-15 2014
  • Tapestry Songbook

    The Tapestry Songbook Concert was a SOLD OUT event! This year’s Tapestry Songbook Concert featured mezzo-soprano Krisztina Szabó and collaborative pianist Dr Christopher Foley, as well as the participants of our New Opera 101 program. With arias and scenes from Tapestry’s extensive archive of original Canadian operas, this evening was the perfect way for those new to opera and seasoned opera lovers to get a taste of what new Canadian opera is all about.
    February 1 2014
  • Tap:Ex Revolutions

    How perfect is our normal?  Who among us wear the thickest most beautiful masks?  Revolutions cracks the façade and pulls us into a chaotic unknown, where for the first time we know ourselves.  Join us on the other side April 4th & 5th.
    April 4 & 5, 2014