Box Concerts


Live, outdoor concerts in Toronto

Box Concerts features a rotating lineup of artists performing 30-minute mixed sets of classical opera repertoire, musical theatre, pop songs, and original Canadian compositions. Box Concerts began as a new way to present excellent opera performances in an accessible and community-focused way. For the past three summers, Box Concerts has delivered over 100 performances annually to the delight of over 3,000 Torontonians in long-term care homes, neighbourhoods, and other outdoor community spaces.

What is a Box Concert?

A 30-minute musical performance presented on a travelling stage. It is suitable for the whole family and is available for residences in the City of Toronto.

Book a Private Performance

Book a concert for your home, and treat your family, friends and neighbours to an opera and musical theatre performance on our charming travelling stage. Box Concerts are available every Saturday from August 5 – September 9 and are the perfect addition or reason for a family get-together, street party or celebration.

How much does it cost? $300 (+HST and a $5 transaction fee). If you organize with five other neighbours, that’s only $50 each!

What will happen on the day? We will share the contact information for the production coordinator with you and confirm the time and location of the performance in advance. The Box Concerts team will arrive 30 minutes before the concert start time to park the trailer stage, meet the contact(s) and set up the stage. The team consists of two people: the performer and the production coordinator. Set-up will take approximately 20 minutes: the team must unpack the stage, plug in the equipment to the outlet you provide, and perform a brief soundcheck.

What if it rains? The production coordinator will determine if the Box Concert can take place pending the weather conditions on the day of the Box Concert and will contact you if they cannot proceed. If that happens,, the Box Concerts coordinator, Dona, will call you to arrange a later date.


You can sponsor a performance for care facilities, retirement homes, or neighbourhood associations. Contact our Director of Advancement, Stephanie Applin, to learn more about sponsorship. Sponsorship starts at $325.

How Box Concerts Works

Private Bookings
Box Concerts are simple to book and easy to organize. Read the Private concert booking information, book your slot online and invite your friends and neighbours to sit out on their porches. It’s as easy as that. Box Concerts are only available to residences in the City of Toronto.

Photography by Dahlia Katz.

Box Concerts last 30 minutes


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