Because of supporters like you, Tapestry has been building a considerable legacy for new Canadian opera since 1979. We have commissioned operatic works that are now iconic, mentored emerging playwrights and composers who are now renowned, and featured under-the-radar performers who are now centre-stage.

With dynamic leaders at the helm, Tapestry is eager to catalyze the future of Canadian opera. We are emboldening our artistic vision and reimagining how opera is created and performed in Canada. With one goal in mind – to create unique, unforgettable and innovative opera experiences that speak to today’s audiences – Tapestry continues to be the “leader of the opera pack”. 

We need your leadership for a new era for opera. Support us and invest in the future of opera as we create a living Canadian opera culture. Your support empowers us to:

  • Continue to engage premiere performing and creative artists in new works and new models throughout the pandemic and beyond
  • Deliver free Box Concerts to care homes and rest facilities throughout the GTA
  • Mentor the next generation of Canadian operatic talent (through New Opera 101 and Songbook)
  • Innovate and push the medium and practice of opera forward (through LibLab, TAP:EX and Tapestry Productions)

How you can support Tapestry Opera: