TAP:EX Tables Turned

Tables Turned



Vocal maven Carla Huhtanen, soprano, joins forces with Montreal composer, turn table artist, and electronics specialist Nicole Lizée for a boundary-breaking, multi-media concert. Lizee’s signature destabilization of classic film (selections from Alfred Hitchcock and The Sound of Music) and video recordings (Maria Callas) are projected alongside the performers, whose turn tables and vocals fight and fuse in live duet. Tables Turned reconfigures iconic moments in film and opera, blurring lines between the real and re-imagined in a captivating display of electronic and vocal virtuosity.

Tap:Ex (Tapestry Explorations) is Tapestry’s annual experimental production. Committed to evolution through innovation, Tap:Ex explores modes through which opera might assume a 21st century rebirth. In its first year, Tap:Ex took the language of contemporary dance and physical theatre and fused them with opera: choreographer Marie-Josée Chartier and director Michael Hidetoshi Mori pushed the limits of physical-vocal synthesized expression. This year, Tap:Ex pits the virtuosic beauty of the bel canto voice against the live manipulation of the turn table and recut video from three 20th century icons.

Ernest Balmer Studio

315-9 Trinity Street, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4