The Devil Inside


A bottle with the power to grant your heart’s desires could be yours. Sound appealing? There’s a catch. You can only sell it for less than you paid for it. Oh, and, if you die while owning it, your soul will go straight to hell.

Renowned novelist Louise Welsh and acclaimed Scottish composer Stuart MacRae reignite their award-winning creative partnership with a tale of greed and compulsion inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s short story The Bottle Imp.

James uses the bottle to get all he ever dreamed of. Happily married to Catherine, he feels his life is complete…but what has seemed so perfect soon begins to spiral out of control.

Continuing the trailblazing legacy of Five: 15 Operas Made in Scotland and Ghost Patrol, winner of a South Bank Sky Arts Award, The Devil Inside is a compelling look at human nature — from love and selflessness to the darker side that can consume us all. Director Matthew Richardson and conductor Michael Rafferty are joined by a hugely talented cast and players from The Orchestra of Scottish Opera to stage this exciting world premiere.

Harbourfront Centre Theatre

231 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2G8