Caroline Hollway

Caroline has spent the best part of 35 years in the arts, as stage manager, production and technical manager, education manager, project manager and producer in UK and Canada.

It has taken her into community arts and human circuses in South London; large parades with boats, cars and bicycles made of sticky tape; giant puppets in Portugal; too many events in soggy fields; touring round the Scottish Highlands; running two theatres for young people in Wales; enjoying fireworks and tugs (fortunately at the same time); operas with elephants; touring a multimedia theatre/opera production (Constantinople – Christos Hatzis + Gryphon Trio); What’s Classical? festival weekends at HFC; producer with Luminato Festival over the years; performances with 1000 performers (Apocalypsis R Murray Schafer); night-time illuminated walks in Canadian National Parks (Banff and Rouge) (Illuminations); multiple choirs on a pond (Maada’ooki Songlines – C. Derksen) and community presentations (Odaabanag Melody McKiver and Grounds For Goodness – Jumblies Theatre).

She has one simple, but passionate, aim – to introduce people, especially young people, to the live arts as creators and participants, as well as spectators.