Deantha Edmunds


Canada’s first and only Inuk soprano soloist and recording artist, Deantha Edmunds, is originally from Newfoundland and Labrador. She is a laureate of the prestigious Hnatyshyn Foundation REVEAL Indigenous Art Awards.

In 2016 Edmunds was nominated for the ECMA Aboriginal Artist of the Year Award for her recording “Pillorikput Inuit: Inuktitut Arias for All Seasons.”

Edmunds uses her talents for writing and music composition to empower Indigenous people and share their stories. An Urban Inuk, she explores and embraces her Indigenous identity through poetry and song.

Edmunds performed at the Inuit Circumpolar Conference in Utqiagvik, Alaska in July, 2018. Delegates from Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Russia gathered to share information and strengthen the bonds between all Inuit.

Upcoming performances include an original show Edmunds created with Anishinaabe dancer/choreographer Sarain Fox and Xara Choral Theatre. “Rings Through Water” uses ethereal singing, Indigenous dance, powerful text and theatrical presentation to tell three stories. Together they speak for water, lift up the voices of its protectors, and amplify the voices of the missing and murdered Indigenous women who have met their end in it.