Enrique Bravo


Enrique Bravo is a fine artist and architect who has lived in Canada since July 2018. His work is divided into almost all facets of artistic expression. He works mostly in acrylic and watercolour, as well as mixed media, for a variety of expressive results.

Enrique has won live painting tournaments in Toronto and Barrie, and exhibited in shows, events and galleries in Ontario. As an architect, he has done conceptual architecture and manual renderings for different firms in Venezuela and the Caribbean,  as well as working in other forms of expression such as comics, political cartoons, illustrations for magazines and books, portraits and murals. An award-winning cartoonist and comic maker, he has been published in several print and digital media in Venezuela.

For more than 30 years, his vision on space, volume and perspective has been implicit in his expressive nature, and the human figure is a constant feature in his paintings.  

Photo by Carolyn M. Boyd