Jingyi Zhou


Originally from Suzhou, China, pianist Jingyi Zhou had performed in many countries including United States, Canada, Austria, Spain, and China. She participated in the Gijon International Piano Festival, the Atlantic Music Festival, and Alpenkammermusik; and won awards at the Yamaha competition, Asian music competition, and Chow’s scholarship competition. Jingyi was also the recipient of Chinese Government Study Abroad Scholarship, William Weaver’s Prize in Music and Language, Ginny Medland Green Graduate Fellowship in Music, and Yoshiteru Koga and Sumiko Hara Piano Pedagogy Scholarship.

Jingyi received her Bachelor of Music degree from Bard Conservatory of Music, as well as Bachelor of Arts degree in German Studies. Her piano teachers include James Parker, Steven Philcox, Benjamin Hochman, Misha Namirovsky, and Elise Yun. Jingyi is currently a second-year master student at University of Toronto; she is the teaching assistant of the German Lieder Class and the piano teacher in the University of Toronto Piano Pedagogy Program.