Rob Clutton


Rob Clutton is a bass player who works in the spaces between composition and improvisation, in collaboration with musicians, dancers, theatre and performance artists. Rob composes for and performs with small groups including the Cluttertones, The Rob Clutton Trio, duo with Tony Malaby, solo bass, and Sweet Session. Other projects for 2022 include album releases for Beth Anne Cole’s Perhaps The Gods of Love, and the Tania Gill Quartet’s Disappearing Curiosities; performances of The Cave by John Millard and Thompson Highway at Luminato and beyond; recording and touring with Pete Johnston’s Stranger Still; local performances with the Ryan Driver Sextet and Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot; and the ongoing performance/recording project Trouble Maker, in which Clutton plays solo bass versions of music composed by Nick Fraser.

Rob is utterly thrilled to be playing Nicole Lizée’s music with Tapestry Opera.