General Audition Call for our upcoming Seasons

Tapestry Opera is now accepting video and audio general audition submissions for its 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 seasons

Deadline May 1st 2021

Tapestry is conducting a general audition to cast 3 full-length world premiere productions, and numerous workshops in support of these productions.

We invite classically trained singer-actors with professional experience in opera, new music, and theatre to apply. Trained singers with background or experience in dance, gymnastics, or other physical disciplines are particularly invited to apply.

To apply to our general auditions, please submit two recordings made within the past two years. Online callbacks take place between May 4 – 6.

Performers who have previously auditioned for us may submit to the general audition call, but may not be offered a callback if they have been recently heard by Tapestry. Tapestry Opera is a Canadian Actors Equity Association company working under the Canadian Theatre Agreement. CAEA performers with professional experience in opera will be scheduled for online callback first. 

Non-CAEA performers or CAEA performers without professional opera experience are required to submit a link to a recording of their voice . Suggested repertoire is suitable to the requirements of the musical and dramatic challenges in contemporary opera and music theatre.

General audition online applications close May 1st, 2021.

If you have any questions, please email Artistic Administrator Kate Croome at kcroome@tapestryopera.com with ‘General Audition’ in the subject line.

Tips for high quality video recording at home


Make sure to capture your recorded audition in a professional setting by limiting background distractions, thus keeping the focus on you. A plain background helps maintain attention on you instead of competing with house plants and other decor in the foreground.


Natural lighting from windows to your side or front is optimal in combination with interior lighting. If you happen to have a ring light that’s great as they do help create soft direct lighting and less shadows, but no worries if you don’t.


Full body is preferred, but if this is not possible, a medium close-up (a shot from the waist up) will help us also take in your natural movement gestures and physicality. Make sure your camera is in landscape/horizontal position and as stable as possible.

Sound Quality

Make sure to preview the sound quality of your built-in mic. If you feel it’s not getting the job done, consider an external mic linked to your phone or computer. Find out more about how to use an external mic.


These video editing programs are not required but if you have access, should help with final post touches: iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Lightworks.

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