Bandits in the Valley

Bandits in the Valley

Composed by Benton Roark. Libretto by Julie Tepperman


The place is Toronto’s Don Valley in the year 1880. Join George Taylor and a traveling Gilbert & Sullivan theatrical troupe The Vagabonds, in a celebration of the 25th anniversary of his paper mill. Meanwhile, Jeremiah, the leader of a local small-potatoes bandit group called The Rift Rafters has just discovered a long-hidden secret about his own identity and summons the audience in helping him break into Taylor’s house to obtain the evidence he needs. How does it all turn out? Join us during one of our free September performances as the audience follows several characters and story lines all over the historic Todmorden Mills . . . perhaps some people will even find themselves summoned to be players on the stage!

Bandits in the Valley is a new multimedia opera work based on the local history of the Don Valley as a haven for smugglers and bandits in the late 1800’s. The work will be presented as a free community art activation, near the historic events depicted, utilizing locations inside the historic buildings on the site.

Todmorden Mills

67 Pottery Rd, Toronto, ON M4K 2B9


  • Bandits in the Valley — Glenn Sumi The real joy of the production lies in the music and performances. Roark draws on popular styles of the era, and he’s helped by a talented cast.

  • Bandits in the Valley — Opera Ramblings Tapestry has assembled a remarkably strong cast for something of this nature

  • Bandits in the Valley — Toronto Star Never mind the hiking trails, bike paths and the leafy scenery; there’s a new reason to visit Todmorden Mills and the Evergreen Brickworks area every weekend in September. Tapestry Opera is offering a new opera for free to visitors

  • Bandits in the Valley– Mooney on Theatre Fun and accessible opera takes to the Toronto stage Great entertainment that deserved more attention in 2017 Tapestry Opera mixed history with new creation around the Labour Day long weekend with Bandits in the Valley, an opera set at Todmorden Mills, which sits at the base of Pottery Rd. in the Don Valley.

  • Opera Canada–Bandits in the Valley Review Standout moments in the show include the trio sung by Jeremiah, Birgitta, and Freddy; as the three move through an old house during the song, their strong harmonies fill the small rooms and narrow halls wonderfully.



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