Robi Botos sat at the piano in the Ernest Balmer Studio

Improvisation As Life

Music and art join together

Starring pianist Robi Botos and painter Moses Salihou in live collaboration with Art Battle Canada | Direction by Michael Hidetoshi Mori


Toronto’s most beloved jazz pianist Robi Botos brings the power of our Bösendorfer Imperial Grand to life. 

This year has been one of extended improvisation, a lesson in finding new inspiration when all plans fell into chaos.

Botos, hailed as one of the most diverse multi-instrumentalists of this generation, dives into the improvisational spirit: working in live collaboration with Art Battle Toronto champion Moses Salihou, together creating something new and uniquely beautiful, and setting the tone for a season that will have to be as inspired and responsive to our changing times.

Tapestry Opera’s Livestream Series generously supported in Memory of Peter Longworth.

Photo of Robi Botos by Tracey Nolan Studios. In collaboration with Art Battle Canada.

Production photos by Dahlia Katz


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