Mireille Asselin singing at a music stand

Our Song D’Hiver

Unite in the universal language of music

Performed by Mireille Asselin with pianist Frédéric Lacroix

Opera star Mireille Asselin hosts a warm, joyful celebration of her favourite music

From Acadian to contemporary Canadian! Celebrated Canadian soprano Mireille Asselin and pianist Frédéric Lacroix showcase rich, diverse works from the Francophone world in this delightful bilingual fusion of recital and ‘kitchen concert’.

Our Song D’Hiver features special guest artists invited by Mireille, all reflecting on their connection to the French speaking world, and exploring a mixed cultural identity. 

Special guests include Acadian guitarist Maxim Cormier, Métis composer Ian Cusson (you might recognize him from Tapestry’s Tasting Shorts), and the brilliant composer Franco-Ontarienne Marie-Claire Saindon. Find out more in our interview with Mireille.

Join Mireille and Frédéric for a warm evening of song, stories, and artistic surprises, guaranteed to leave your heart full. 

For a taste of the show listen to Mireille’s Our Song D’Hiver playlist.

Tapestry Opera’s Livestream Series generously supported in Memory of Peter Longworth.

Our Song D’Hiver is co-hosted with Alliance Française and will be presented with subtitles in both French and English. Cover photography by Dahlia Katz.


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Creative Team

  • Taylor Long: Videographer
  • Dennis Patterson: Sound Engineer
  • Shawn Henry: Production Manager

Guest Artists: My Ottawa À Moi

  • Élise Gauthier: Performer
  • Bonnie Robinson, YOW Productions: Producer
  • Timothy I. Smith: Video
  • Élise Gauthier: Poems
  • Marie-Claire Saindon: Music
  • Timothy I. Smith: Editor
  • Pixie Cram: Camera Assistant for Bi

Guest Artists: Monday Morning Jig and Morrison's Jig

  • Scott MacMillan: Monday Morning Jig Composer
  • Traditional: Morrison's Jig Composer
  • Matthew Ingraham: Videography


  • Anglicismes, Exercices de style: Récit: Composer Jose Evangelista
  • Ah! toi belle hirondelle: Composer Traditional
  • Berceuses en 4 Cahiers Canada: Composer Félix-Antoine Coutu, Librettists Félix-Antoine Coutu, Pascale Brigitte Boilard
  • Wednesday Night Haiku: Composer Frédéric Lacroix, Poems of Ryokan
  • Les Raftsmen: Composer Traditional, Arranger Frédéric Lacroix
  • Do Not Go Gentle: Composer Marie-Claire Saindon, Poems of Dylan Thomas
  • Le Récital des Anges: Composer Ian Cusson, Poems of Émile Nelligan
  • Chants d' Auvergne : Composer Joseph Canteloube