Tapestry founder, Wayne Strongman, the late Robert Lowrey, and Tapestry General Director, Michael Mori join in a mutual hand-shake. The occasion in late October 2017, was the completed move of a donated Bosendorfer Imperial Grand piano, a donation facilitated through Robert’s long friendship with Tapestry and the value he placed on our work in developing Canadian Opera and young Canadian opera professionals. He knew we needed a good piano and would put it to good use. He also knew we couldn’t afford it.

That is the type of musical match-making that Robert was responsible for as he found just the right piano for each situation and owner.

We are surprised and deeply saddened to know that this gentle, vibrant and intelligent soul would no longer be such a welcome and positive presence at Tapestry and in the greater music and theatre community in Toronto.

On behalf of all of the artists and staff at Tapestry Opera, we offer our gratitude to Robert for a lifetime of support for the arts and our sincere condolences to Robert’s family and friends for their loss.