We’re Bringing Back One Of Our Most Successful Productions And Building A New Transformative Arts Facility

TORONTO – Tapestry Opera celebrates General and Artistic Director Michael Hidetoshi Mori’s 10th year of innovative leadership, helping build the organization into a prolific and influential champion of Canadian artists and works. In the last ten years, the last seven of which were under shared leadership with Executive Director Jaime Martino, Tapestry has premiered 26 productions, including 22 world premieres introducing significant works such as R.U.R. a Torrent of Light, The Overcoat, Oksana G., Shanawdithit, Of the Sea, Gould’s Wall, and Rocking Horse Winner to the Canadian public while building a growing audience base and garnering major local and international awards and acclaim. Tapestry is a leader in the performing arts sector through two new national initiatives, Women in Musical Leadership and the Canadian Opera Resource, using collaboration and innovation to drive positive change. Tapestry Opera has launched a 3 million dollar campaign, in partnership with Nightwood Theatre, to build a new multi-venue arts facility focused on affordable usage for independent artists and companies.     

(R)evolutionary Programming

  • Award-Winning Production: Rocking Horse Winner a Tapestry Opera production in association with Crow’s Theatre
  • Concert: Songbook XIII featuring Naomi Woo & Keith Klassen
  • Concert: Le Kitchen Party: An Acadian Celebration of food and music
    Featuring Juliane Gallant (host)
  • Concert: IRON CHEF d’orchestre
    Featuring Jennifer Tung (host and pianist)

Tapestry’s Artistic and General Director Michael Mori: “As we reflect on 26 productions in the last 10 years, including many incredible artists and works and audiences who have experienced opera for the first time, it is thrilling to open the next chapter by launching a new facility dedicated to fostering new works and artists, not only for Tapestry Opera and our partner Nightwood Theatre but also for the Toronto independent arts community, who are desperate for space to make art. 

The 2016 production of Rocking Horse Winner marked a dramatic turning point for Tapestry, garnering awards, critical acclaim, new audiences and, as a result, paving the way for the most prolific period in the organization’s 43-year history. It was a dark horse, a show no one expected to hit as hard as it did, but the passion and artistry of the artists involved led to its surprising success. For my tenth anniversary of artistic direction, it is consequential to share and celebrate this beautiful and tragic work as we look ahead to the next exciting chapter.”

Tickets for Rocking Horse Winner are on sale now!