The Globe and Mail – Jenna Simeonov


“The Overcoat: A Musical Tailoring is without question a part of the operatic canon of the 21st century”

Toronto Star – John Terauds


“The Overcoat is slick, visually rich and an arresting night at the opera”

Barcza Blog – Leslie Barcza

The Overcoat: a musical tailoring

“I feel like saying “it’s about time.”!”

Opera Ramblings


“New comic operas are rare. New comic operas that are actually funny are vanishingly rare. The Overcoat: A Musical Tailoring is such a beast.”

Schmopera – Greg Finney


“Every once in a while a work comes along where all the pieces fall into place”

Aesthetic Magazine Toronto – Curtis Sindrey

“The Overcoat: A Musical Tailoring” Makes Triumphant Toronto Debut

“Triumphant Toronto Debut”

“this genre-bending adaptation has all the ingredients to be a sure-fire hit”

Stage-Door – Christopher Hoile


“The collaboration between James Rolfe… and Morris Panych…, creates a satiric comic opera that both does justice to its 19th-century source and makes that story’s relevance abundantly clear.”

Ludwig-van-Toronto – Arthur Kaptainis

SCRUTINY | Theatre Takes The Lead In The Overcoat

“a gifted creative team”

Mooney-on-theatre Keira Grant


“Every element of this production — from costumes to sets to choreography to vocal performances — is superb and fits together with the elegance of a finely crafted watch”