Zsofia Stefan


Actually, already at the age of 6, I wanted to become a singer or a psychologist. At that time I had no idea about it, but today I believe that somehow with the bassoon I became both at the same time. As an always dreamy, philosophical character I am constantly looking for something: sometimes for the novelty, sometimes for the familiar. I was always attracted to unusual, somewhat eccentric things and solutions. Even after several international competition victories, I feel it important to play not only for my own or my musician partners’ entertainment but also for the delight of the audience.

I was born on 5th March 1984 in Veszprem. My paternal grandfather was a horn player and the deputy conductor of the air force orchestra. My father is a fan of Hungarian folk songs, a life artist and an eternal optimist. Due to my flutist mother and the TV-teddy bear, I began playing the bassoon at the age of 8. Until the completion of my studies, I was lucky enough to attend the best schools in the country and learn from the best teachers. From aunt Gabi Fatrai how to feel the bassoon, from Professor Vajda how to sing on the instrument, while Lakatos showed its extremes. I put my acquired knowledge to use for nine semesters of teaching high school musician seedlings in Veszprem. Since February 2012 I am the principal bassoonist at Concerto Budapest Orchestra.

During concert tours, I could get around China eight and France several times, and performed outside Hungary in several cities in Europe, including Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.