S.O.S. Sketch Opera Singers: A man wearing a dressing gown next to his house, singing

S.O.S. Sketch Opera Singers

Our opera sketch comedy show

Created in Tapestry's first Opera Writers' Room

The first episode of its kind in the world

Singing peas. Murderous babies. An out-of-work baritone who bursts into dramatic song whenever he steps into a light. Sketch Opera Singers? Where can opera be its most funny, absurd and delicious!

A Baroness von Sketch & Tapestry Briefs ­inspired combination of absurd, tragic and hilarious operatic short-shorts created specifically for digital in our Opera Writers’ Room.

Tapestry Opera’s Livestream Series generously supported in Memory of Peter Longworth. S.O.S. Sketch Opera Singers was filmed in the Ernest Balmer Studio in the Historic Distillery District, and on location.