A man wearing a dressing gown next to his house, singing

S.O.S. Sketch Opera Singers

Episode One of our operatic short-shorts

Created in Tapestry's first Opera Writers' Room

The first episode of its kind in the world, S.O.S. Sketch Opera Singers is a Baroness von Sketch ­inspired combination of absurd, tragic and hilarious operatic short-shorts created specifically for digital in our Opera Writers’ Room.

Featuring directors Michael Hidetoshi Mori and Debi Wong, pianist and music director Jennifer Tung, librettists Kanika Ambrose and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard; composers Ivan Barbotin and Rene Orth; videographers Cassandra Rudolph and Cameron Davis; and soprano Teiya Kasahara, mezzo-soprano Simone McIntosh, tenor Keith Klassen, and baritone Korin Thomas-Smith.

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